Entertainment and Employment Contracts

Delivering Sophisticated Entertainment and Employment Contracting Counsel

The attorneys at Kolesar & Leatham provide sophisticated legal counsel to clients throughout the entertainment and sports industries. Our clients are diverse and include actors, directors, producers, production companies, studios, artists, writers, musicians, record producers, songwriters, models, athletes and others in the entertainment and sports sectors. We have extensive experience representing both individuals and institutions in the negotiating and drafting of complex entertainment and sports contracts. Our lawyers counsel and advise clients in connection with a wide array of agreements including:

  • Celebrity Contracts
  • Sports Contracts
  • Recording Contracts
  • Endorsement Contracts
  • Sponsorships
  • Licensing Matters
  • Talent Contracts
  • Management Agreements
  • Publishing Agreements

Protecting and Advancing Our Clients’ Interests

At Kolesar & Leatham we appreciate the unique challenges and issues businesses and individuals in the sports and entertainment industry face on daily basis. We also understand that these clients need a sophisticated legal team that can ensure their deals and agreements are properly structured to protect their legal rights and advance their business interests. Our lawyers are highly skilled transactional attorneys with the legal knowledge and industry insight necessary to help our clients achieve their desired results. We also have an in-depth understanding of the complex body of laws and regulations governing employer-employee relationships. This knowledge allows our attorneys to identify and resolve potential employment related issues in advance before they turn into difficult and costly legal problems.

While our attorneys aim to avoid lengthy legal battles, we understand that there are times when conflicts cannot be successfully resolved through the negotiation process and litigation presents the best option for our clients. In these situations, our litigation group is fully prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients in state and federal courts and in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Beyond our entertainment and employment contracting practice, our firm offers celebrities, athletes, artists and others comprehensive estate and tax planning services. Our estate and tax planning attorneys work with clients throughout the sports and entertainment industries to develop sophisticated estate plans that best protect and preserve their property and assets.