Handling Complex Appeals in State and Federal Courts

The litigation practice at Kolesar & Leatham offers clients a team of talented and highly skilled appellate attorneys. Our practitioners have decades of experience litigating challenging legal issues and disputes at all levels of the state and federal court systems. We represent individuals, large and small businesses, partnerships, non-profit organizations, professionals, and other entities at every stage of the litigation process. Our attorneys have an advanced understanding of appellate advocacy and leverage their knowledge and experience to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

The attorneys at our firm are well-positioned to handle appeals across a broad spectrum of practice areas, including business and commercial litigation, bankruptcy, construction disputes, employment law, family law, international litigation, probate litigation, tax litigation, title insurance litigation, patent litigation, copyright and trademark litigation, and criminal law. When a client receives an unfavorable ruling from a lower court or administrative body, our firm is fully prepared to pursue relief through the appellate process. We also work to preserve rulings when a lower court decision in our client’s favor is being challenged on appeal.

Providing Litigation Support Before, During and After Trial

In addition to handling appeals in state and federal courts, our firm’s appellate attorneys provide critical support throughout all stages of the trial process. They work directly with practitioners trying cases in our firms’ litigation practice areas to develop trial strategies and ensure that legal issues are properly preserved for potential appellate review. Our attorneys also prepare and respond to motions that may arise before, during, and after trial, such as discovery motions, motions for summary judgment and post-trial motions.

Our firm is regularly called upon to consult on cases being handled by other law firms. In some cases, we are retained to prepare the appellate brief, and in other situations, we are hired to take over the matter or provide ongoing assistance with all aspects of the appeals process. Because our attorneys practice across a broad range of subject areas and have extensive knowledge of appellate rules and procedures, we are in a strong position to help clients maximize their chances of prevailing on appeal.