Privilege Licensing

Business License Requirements in Nevada

Businesses looking to operate in the State of Nevada are generally required to obtain a business license on the state level from the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. Most counties and cities in Nevada also require commercial enterprises to secure licenses at the city/county level. Additionally, depending upon the location of the business and the nature of its operations, the business may need to secure a special license known as a “privilege license.”

For instance, the City of Las Vegas requires certain businesses that have the potential to “affect the economic, social, and moral well-being of the city and its residents” to obtain a privilege license. These businesses include establishments selling alcoholic beverages, wedding chapels, pawnbrokers, gaming establishments, and many other entities. In order to secure a privilege license, these businesses must submit a detailed application and undergo a background investigation conducted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Privilege license applications are taken by appointment only and require different types of information depending upon the business type. In some cases, the privilege license will only be granted upon special approval of the Las Vegas City Council and the Director of Planning.

Guiding Businesses Through the Licensing Process

The attorneys at Kolesar & Leatham have decades of experience helping clients navigate complicated licensing requirements. Our attorneys regularly assist commercial enterprises in securing business licenses at both the state and local levels. We are very familiar with the application processes in the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Reno, Washoe County, Douglas County and other locations throughout the State of Nevada. In particular, we have extensive experience representing clients that are required to secure special business privilege licenses, including retail establishments selling alcoholic beverages. The application process for these types of licenses can be quite complicated and generally involves multiple steps. Applicants must provide detailed information and documents and submit to a background investigation. The applicant may also be required to appear at a hearing to answer questions about the business and its proposed activities before the privilege license will be granted.

The lawyers at our firm are dedicated to helping clients obtain the licenses and permits they need to operate their businesses successfully. Because we understand just how detrimental a license denial can be for our clients, we are focused on securing a favorable outcome the first time around. Our attorneys meticulously prepare and review business license applications to ensure there are no errors or omissions that could derail the process. We are a team of seasoned professionals committed to helping our clients successfully pursue their business ventures and overcome any challenges they may face along the way.