Liquor Law and Privilege Licensing

Helping Businesses Comply With Complex Licensing Rules

Kolesar & Leatham offer clients a substantial experience in addressing complicated liquor law and privilege licensing requirements. Our firm regularly helps businesses in Las Vegas and across the State of Nevada navigate the rules and requirements associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages and other activities requiring special or “privileged” business licenses. We regularly counsel and represent a wide range of businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution and retailing of alcoholic beverages, from local bars and restaurants to large, publicly traded chains with establishments throughout the nation and around the globe. Our firm’s clients include national hotel, restaurant, drug store and supermarket chains as well as importers, wholesale distributors and beverage suppliers. Regardless of the size or type of business we are working with, our goal is to help our clients find the solutions they need to successfully establish, maintain and grow their businesses.

State and Local Licensing Requirements

The licensing of businesses in the State of Nevada can be a very tedious process. In addition to securing a general business license at the state level, a person seeking to do certain types of business within the state must also obtain business licenses from the city or county localities where its business is located. The business license may be considered a “privilege” license requiring approvals from municipal boards and/or agencies. All licenses pertaining to alcoholic beverages are privilege licenses.

The attorneys at Kolesar & Leatham have extensive experience with the application process for obtaining alcoholic beverage licenses. We work side by side with our clients at every stage of the process to make certain they have provided all of the information necessary to secure their liquor licenses. We also counsel and represent clients who are required to appear at hearings in connection with their license applications.

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