Government Affairs

Kolesar & Leatham’s Governmental Affairs Practice combines the capabilities of our state and local lawyer and non-lawyer professionals.

Our practice includes a former Nevada Governor and Attorney General, a Nevada legislative leader, as well as former top aides and policy officials from Capitol Hill and Carson City. This integrated group of attorneys and professionals works together to provide clients with seamless representation at the municipal, county, and state levels. Our Governmental Affairs professionals maintain relationships with key government officials at the state level and with local elected officials and advisors.

Kolesar & Leatham uses various approaches to help our clients achieve their objectives. We combine political experience with a deep understanding of legislative and administrative policy, enabling us to provide a full range of options for clients. We help clients overcome legislative and regulatory challenges and provide practical, business-focused strategies and services to help them enhance their competitive position.

Kolesar & Leatham also works with Kolesar & Leatham Government Affairs, LLC to provide clients with expert lobbying services in addition to the advice and counsel of the firm’s attorneys.

Government Affairs services include:

• Ongoing monitoring of executive and legislative branches of state and local governments
• Strategic planning, analysis, and interpretation of legislation, amendments, administrative rules, and testimony
• Legislation and policy drafting testimony before the State Legislature, County Commissions, and City Councils
• Attendance and advocacy before City Councils, County Commissions, and boards
• Direct advocacy to legislative leadership and executive branch officials
• Organization of grassroots and other advocacy efforts