Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance practice group includes highly specialized corporate and securities law attorneys, with thorough knowledge of Delaware as well as Nevada law, together with a broad range of commercial litigators to guide corporate boards of directors, limited liability company managers, and executive officers concerning their state law fiduciary duties and obligations under federal and state securities laws, whether with closely-held companies or publicly-reporting ones.  Among our sub-specialties in this area are advice and guidance concerning mergers and acquisitions, complex state takeover defense statutes, duties when confronted with a potential change in control, statutory dissenters’ rights, election contests, restrictions on dividends and stock buybacks, equity-based compensation and incentive plans, indemnification agreements, and executive employment and severance agreements. Besides servicing clients in these specialized areas, we regularly work with start-ups and other small businesses to provide documents and legal advice pertaining to organizational documents, buy-sell agreements, simple and multi-tier capital structures, and day-to-day business operations.