Administrative Law

Kolesar & Leatham’s practice encompasses the state and local licensing needs of our clients, along with their ongoing ability to conduct business in compliance with all state and local laws and regulations.

We handle Administrative issues including:

• Liquor law
• Labor issues with state and local government agencies
• Financial and lending institution licensing, compliance and regulation
• Contractor’s board licenses

We Assist with the licensing of:

• Banking and lending institutions
• Mortgage companies and mortgage brokers
• Real estate agencies, agents and brokers
• Food and beverage retailers
• Drugstores
• Trust companies
• Physicians
• Automotive dealerships

Our attorneys are experienced in representing their clients’ administrative law issues before all state and local agencies, and, when necessary, in all court proceedings.

Kolesar & Leatham’s Attorneys with expertise in Administrative Law include:

Joespeh W. Brown
David R. Clayson
Michael D. Davidson
Matthew T. Dushoff
Richard L. Galin
Alan J. Lefebvre
Gov. Robert List
Aaron R. Maurice
Joseph J. Mugan
Matthew D. Saltzman
Brittany Wood